Unique Onesies on Etsy

Sid Vicious Onesie
Onesies are the most ideal clothing for a new little one, but finding something funky and unique can be a problem. Yes, you can go to your local retail stores and buy onesies in a 3 pack, but I want to mix it up a litle.
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Eye Catching Toddler Boots for Fall

Zara red riding boots

I am on the hunt for the perfect Fall boot for my Lil’ G. While searching online I found some really cute styles that would be stylish and funky.

I was very surprised at the selection I discovered and I am excited to have my Lil G try on some of these different styles. What’s really nice about kid shoes these days, they don’t all look so babyish, but more sophisticated. Fall is such a fun season for clothing, and quite a wonderful break from the hot weather.

Have a look at some of the boots I found and let me know what you all think.
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Steez of the Day

Steez of the Day 004
I really lucked out when I found these vintage Baby Guess overalls!!! They are the perfect mix of all animal prints (leopard, tiger, cheetah, zebra) in basic black and white. When I found them I nearly died, considering that vintage GUESS is so hard to find. Read the rest of this entry »

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