Forever 21 Lil’ Girls

I wanted to take a look through Forever 21 Girls and see what they have to offer their preteen demographic. I have to say I was quite impressed with the cute stylish clothes that come at a decent price…

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I Spy a Thrifty Find

Thrifting is a weakness of mine and it never gets old. The thrill and the hunt just makes it soooo much fun. I spent only 3 dollars on these finds. Take a peek and see what I scored….

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Harajuku Diaper Bags

I take my diaper bag game seriously and I didn’t want the typical bags that seem to be very boring and traditional. I always loved the Harajuku Lovers bags, but the patterns seemed too juvenile for me to carry as a purse. As soon as I had my lil’ girl, I thought finally, I can get a Harajuku Lovers bag and rock it as a diaper bag…

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