Eye Catching Toddler Boots for Fall

Zara red riding boots

I am on the hunt for the perfect Fall boot for my Lil’ G. While searching online I found some really cute styles that would be stylish and funky.

I was very surprised at the selection I discovered and I am excited to have my Lil G try on some of these different styles. What’s really nice about kid shoes these days, they don’t all look so babyish, but more sophisticated. Fall is such a fun season for clothing, and quite a wonderful break from the hot weather.

Have a look at some of the boots I found and let me know what you all think.


Childrens Place Military Boots

I found these at Children’s Place and they cost $26.95.
I love the army green color and the fact that they look like military boots.


Old Navy Boots

These boots are from Old Navy and cost $24.94. The grey color will go with everything and they look easy to pull on or off.


Zara Boots

I am obsessed with ZARA and they never disappoint me with anything they do. These boots are insane, and even if they are a little pricier, they are still completely worth every single penny!!!


Target combat boots

Two boots caught my eyes at Target and and are reasonably priced. The silver pair cost $16.99 and the pink are $22.99.



3 Comments on “Eye Catching Toddler Boots for Fall”

  • pemora August 11, 2011 at

    i am LOVING the boots from zara. i wonder who is designing the kids line for them because it is always perfection…


  • Evelyn Gabrielsen November 20, 2011 at

    I am in need of the army green boots from childrens place but when i go to the website they are no longer listed. Help. I really need these boots for my daughter and when I was at the store they didnt have her size. Any idea where I can get them now?

    • Geninja November 30, 2011 at

      I would just call around at all the stores in your area. Also, Children’s Place has outlet stores that carry older product for much cheaper. Check around and see if your area has one of these stores. GOOD LUCK!!!

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