DIY Studded Jean Vest

I have been wanting to make something for Lil G for awhile now. On one of my thrifting trips I found a plain denim vest and a studded belt that cost only $6.00 total. I thought this would be the perfect combination to get creative and make her a customized vest.

Check out my step by step process of how I made it.

DIY Vest

I first removed the studs fom the thrifted belt with a screwdriver. Then, figured out what kind of design I wanted to add to the front of the vest. After I figured that out, I popped them in place and secured them with a screwdriver.

My friend purchased me some adorable Strawberry Shortcake patches from H&M and I finally could make some use out of them! I ironed the patches on and VOILA!!!

Also, I will be doing some other DIY’s using the other extra studs I have. Hope you all get inspired and make something for your little one. Send me pics if you do, so I can post them on my blog.

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